Online Video Poker

Video Poker is unquestionably one of the UK's favourite gaming pastimes and you'll never be short of a machine or two in all of the country's leading casinos. The concept behind the game certainly falls into the category of simple but effective - something that goes a long way to explaining its enduring popularity - but the sheer number of different versions of the game ensure that there's always something different to explore and enjoy.

Unlike with our video slots and fruit machines, where we feature great games from plenty of different big name developers, there are two clear choices for video poker fans as far as the companies behind the games are concerned. They are, unsurprisingly, Microgaming and Net Entertainment. Both companies offer a comprehensive selection of games covering just about every type that you're ever likely to have encountered, but they also have their own hallmarks that will set them apart for different kinds of players. You are of course more than welcome to try as many of the video poker games featured above as you like with no cash requirements and no time restrictions to find the differences for yourself, but no category would be complete without our own thoughts on the subject!

One thing that Microgaming definitely has in its favour is experience. They were the first games developer to ever introduce video poker on their core casino platform and this has given them many years to improve and expand on the range. If you're a fan of the more traditional forms of video poker, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, then there is plenty of fun to be had on this developer's partner casinos. These games have been around for absolutely ages and while this is reflected in the graphics on the games, it all adds to the charm and in this case even the authenticity as even the latest land based video poker terminals aren't exactly going to win any awards for visual quality!

With the core games in place, Microgaming set about developing their strategy to ensure that they remained at the forefront and this has led to some gaming opportunities that you won't find offline. Their biggest party trick is undoubtedly the multi-hand games, where you can play over a hundred hands of video poker all at once, often with the choice of keeping your initial hand as the base for all of the others dealt. The basic idea there is hit a royal flush once and get paid for it a hundred times over - or that's the dream anyway.

Net Entertainment's online video poker games shine in the same manner as their slots. All of the basics are in place once again, but this time round players will be able to enjoy outstanding visuals and sound effects while playing the games they know and love. Like Microgaming, NetEnt video poker games cover the main types together with a few extra variants.

Play our no deposit video poker games to get some practice in and see which you like best - every title is accompanied within its feature by the best places to play for real cash too, so you can head over and get right into the action at a UK casino that you know you can trust.