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Catch Phrase by Endemol

Many of the themes for Endemol slots fall into the love it or hate it category and we have to say that Catch Phrase is one that we truly loved. Roy Walker and Mr Chips made for a heck of a team that defined our weekend quiz show viewing in our younger days and while the show lives on thanks to the plethora of quiz based satellite channels, we’ll always feel that the original was the best. No matter which generation of the show you’re fond of, this slot is sure to be a welcome addition to the shortlist and we’ve got all of the details on exactly what makes it so special.

The betting options ensure that the Catch Phrase slot is nice and simple to get into. Bets start from a penny per spin and twenty win lines won’t break the bank while also not compromising on the number of winning opportunities. There are question cards, themed playing card icons and of course Mr Chips in a variety of situations making up the prize winners and while there is no wild card to speak of, there are certainly plenty of scatters.

Indeed, there are three different scatter symbols on the game and they are each responsible for triggering their very own bonus round. We’ll start with the highlight, which comes into play when you land three or more Catch Phrase symbols at once. At that point, you’ll be whisked away to a board where you need to answer real Catch Phrases before your opponent over five rounds. Okay, that’s an overstatement, as guessing correctly is determined by spinning a wheel rather than knowing the answer, but it’s still a lot of fun and home to plenty of winning potential.

The free spins round is called the Ready Money Round and you’ll receive a number of spins together with a multiplier which will play out as normal. It all ends with the Super Catch Phrase, just like the show, and players are given the chance to collect letters – the closer you get to solving, the bigger your total prize.

Like most Endemol slots, Catch Phrase is one for the fans of the show primarily. Given that millions of people watched it every week, we’d say that covers a fair few players and if you’re one of them you can check out the full game now here on the page, or the same game but for real cash at one of the recommended casinos for UK players listed at the top of the page.

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