Golden Balls

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Golden Balls Video Slot

Golden Balls came along at a time when we had better things to do on a Saturday night. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how we learned what the game was all about, as you can still find it on pub Itboxes to this day. This game, however, is a straight video slot rather than a copy of that game, so if you’re a fan of the show and want some quality gaming action then you really can’t go wrong here on this one!

As you’ll know if you’re a fan of Endemol, the company is not just good at creating quiz shows. It also happens to be particularly well versed in bringing those shows to the reels in style, retaining many of the iconic elements and that continues to be the case here. Those elements are joined by typically accessible betting options with spin bets that can run from pennies into hundreds of pounds thanks to twenty win lines. You’ll then be tasked with lining up a surprisingly classic array of symbols including cherries, melons and more. There’s also the Golden Balls logo which acts as a wild and will substitute in for anything other than scatters.

That’s right, there is more than just one scatter and more than just a single bonus round. Three golden ball scatter symbols will trigger a round that is similar to the show, as you can keep on opening balls on the screen to reveal cash until you find the killer ball, at which point the round ends and any prizes are paid out. There are also rounds that offer a simple case of picking a win, together with the Steal round where you’ll be looking to win as much as possible while deciding whether or not to trust your opponent, just like on the show itself.

When it comes to Endemol slots, we always say that the likelihood of you enjoying the game is based on whether you enjoy the show that it is based on. That rings true here on Golden Balls, although you can always see whether you enjoy the features or not by playing our excellent no deposit version here on the page. If you’re already a fan then head over to one of the casinos featured at the top of the page to get straight into some great real money action with big bonuses to boot!

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