The Million Pound Drop

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The Million Pound Drop by Endemol

We’re fairly certain that part of Endemol’s business plan is creating quiz shows that nobody can actually watch because they’re on before anyone gets home from work. That applies to Deal or No Deal and Golden Balls, both of which have received their own online slot iterations that you can play here on the site, and also applies to The Million Pound Drop. Or was this one on Saturday nights? Either way, the formula remains the same and the result is a slot game that is a lot of fun in general, but even better if you’re a fan of the show itself.

Kicking things off, as always, is bet placement, and Endemol has played it safe with a standard five reel board and twenty win lines. Bundles of cash, a contestant and the omnipresent playing card icons serve as the bulk of the prize winners but there are also a number of bonus symbols that can enhance your bankroll massively through their corresponding prize round. That’s all without including the expanding wild card too, which often comes in handy to make the larger symbol combinations.

A security card scatter will lead to the first of the game’s bonus rounds, where you’ll find yourself in the Money Drop cylinder. Cash will fall from above and rather than winning it directly, you need to click it to reveal free spins and multipliers. We can’t actually tell if it’s random or predetermined, but either way, your free spins will play out with your multiplier applied as soon as the round comes to an end.

The other bonus comes along less often as you’ll need Money Drop logos on reels one, three and five in order to trigger it. Manage that and you’ll get to play eight rounds of the game itself, placing cash on various doors and then hoping it doesn’t fall into oblivion. It’s luck based of course, but a good streak in this round can lead to some of the biggest prizes of all.

The Million Pound Drop is a fun little game, just like all of the other Endemol slots, but it definitely helps to have a liking of the show itself to get the most out of the game. In fairness, even if you’ve never seen the show, the features can be incredibly fun and rewarding and you can see how they all work by playing here on this page. There’s also a real money version of the same game, which you’ll find at some of the UK’s biggest and best online casinos now!

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